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Soap Dispensers

There are many advantages to using automatic soap dispensers in public restrooms and commercial washrooms. Sanitation, conservation, and overall convenience. Following is a brief soap dispenser guide that addresses each of these advantages:

Sanitation - Commercial or public restrooms have so many users that  people prefer to touch as few things as possible while using them. Lavatory mounted soap dispensers means your customers will need to touch the dispenser with their dirty hands to get soap. With an automatic, touch-free soap dispenser, your customers will never need to touch the same surface that scores of others have touched after using the restroom.

Conversation - Automatic soap dispensers lead to conservation and save you money - because the amount of soap distributed can be  controlled per individual user basis. This kind of system can allow you to dictate how much soap is released per use and leads to less consumption by your customers than you would have with a standard, recessed soap dispenser.

Convenience - Touchfree technology is the trend, people are growing rather accustomed to having this convenience in as many places as possible.

We have a wide variety of automatic soap dispensers, recessed soap dispensers, lavatory mounted soap dispensers, and more here at goSoapDispensers.

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Restroom Signs

Accommodating all of your visitors and employees with accurate restroom signs can be a challenge. But here at goSoapDispensers we've included a variety of of restroom signs in our inventory. We also have Braille restroom signs for the sight-impaired.

In stock we have men's, women's, and unisex restroom signs with or without handicap logos.  All sizes, shapes, or styles of restroom signs you are looking for, you will find it here.

Ordering Braille signs from goSoapDispensers is easy. Check our website for the style of restroom sign you want. We have men's restroom signs, women's restroom signs, and unisex restroom signs (with or without the handicap accessible logos). 

Whatever size, shape, or style restroom sign you are looking for, you will find it here at goSoapDispensers.


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